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Self Awareness Followed by Personal Change Management Can Help Personal Growth

Personal Growth is to be a constant endeavor you would inculcate to empower yourself for improving your personal effectiveness and lead a fulfilling life. This is possible with a passion for personal development combined with a resolve for leading a healthy lifestyle.

I emphasize the healthy lifestyle aspect because there is a complete synergy between the two important aspects, namely healthy lifestyle and personal growth, for human personality. I am happy to be the publisher of this blog Grow Your Personality and the site Healthy Lifestyles for You.. I am happy you will benefit from the information and resources I place at your disposal through these two web tools.

Self Awareness followed by Personal Change Management can help Grow Your Personality. So also, small changes to your lifestyle can help you to be vibrant, relaxed yet vivacious.

It has taken constant and continuous evolution in life form to reach the state that is homo sapiens. It helps you to visualize that every individual’s span of existence on this universe is in itself an evolution cycle.

Human life is the most developed and unique of all forms of life on the planet. Because of the superior ability to think, reason and apply, in contrast to other forms of life. It is this discerning ability or self awareness and understanding of our emotions and other key aspects of our personality and improve upon them continuously that will help you in your personal growth.

To begin with, you may like to assess the type of personality you are by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You may read about it at Understanding One’s Personality Type on this blog. Understanding the personality type and plan the required steps to refine them can help improve the quality of life.

Myers-Briggs Personality Testing

A well developed human personality is a sum of the best of physical & psychological development.

A well developed human personality is a sum of the best of physical & psychological attributes.

Reflect on the processes that yield small but precious quantities of gold from tons of mined ore. And how goldsmith uses fine skills to work with gold billets and produces glittering ornaments. Or how craftsmen turn raw stones into fine cut, polished gems. In much the same way, we must learn and use skills & tools for personal development to enhance our life experience. Personal Change Management is something like obtaining precious gold from crude ore and the results are invaluable in both cases.

We live in the Information Technology era which has helped mankind in making phenomenal strides using soft skills. Applying the analogy of making glittering jewellery and lustrous gems, visualize soft skills
producing a more valuable YOU.

Such soft skills comprise constant and continuous improvement in physical & intellectual health through networking, learning and practicing. We must work assiduously on change factors either by self practice or through guided training, to achieve the goal of becoming a better being.

This site tries to discuss & share information, ideas & tools through collaborative networking with other like minded individuals who have accomplished personal development success.

In order to emphasize the importance of remaining focused on the endeavor, you must constantly remind yourselves that such a pursuit is a long term pursuit.

Join me as we explore & put in practice self awareness advice, tools &  methods and through personal change management, aim for personal development. Self awareness is a method of deep introspection to reflect on our strengths, weaknesses and our potential for handling Personal Change Management.

Here’s what you may be interested in exploring on this site:

Read the articles on this blog as I reflect, learn & share ideas on improving and related issues. Sometimes there could be stories I track back from blogs I read & follow. This I’m sure will help you grow your personality!

Initially, I conceived the theme of this blog was evolution and I visualized certain elements of evolution of human personality on a continuous basis throughout life. While it related very well with the
social as well cultural side of human life, the key dimension of professional development was not emphasized enough. Realizing the importance of Personality in all spheres of life, I decided to focus on
Personal Change Management as a process that helps personal growth.

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